Spiritual Awakening Through Kabbalah

Sometimes it seems that people lie deep asleep in their spiritual life until something wakes them up. That is the experience which is quite often described by those who recently became adherents of kabalistic doctrines. Kabbalah is a wise Jewish prophecy that constantly teaches us about life, universe and our own selves. It opens up the human mind's boundaries by filling it with the divine truths and unexpected realizations. Kabbalah, as a belief, is based on relatively complex ideas and teachings that portray the connection between the God and his creations.


Many Kabbalah followers have found themselves in this prophecy. It provides required nourishment to the mind of the seeking and learning individuals. It lets them explore their inner worlds and better understand the organization of everything in existence in general. This leads to a higher state of consciousness and a happier, more satisfying life. It is a state in which an individual feels no fears or sadness, because everything works in the accordance with the divine plan. Therefore, Kabbalah teaches lessons that impart its followers with some spiritual insights that can provide them with a deeper understanding of life events and their ultimate purpose. This also grants them an opportunity to have richer inner, spiritual experiences that common people might never have in their lives.

Kabbalah healing

What Applying the Kabbalah Practice Helps You Achieve?

By applying practical Kabbalah in their life people steadily achieve their goals and purposes in both material and spiritual levels. Understanding this doctrine provides a person with a lot of tranquility and sense of fulfillment. When something bad happens in the material life you have to find a point of support to get all things in control of your mind. Fears and worries shut down your ability to think sensibly. Knowing the mechanisms of nature and divine creation explained by Kabbalah is important for that matter. Therefore, Kabalistic knowledge helps you think clearly enough to see what needs to be done. It lets the storms of life blow over you while you think of a way to find a good spiritual shelter.

Kabbalah in Human History

A good deal of new facts about magic, mysticism and Kabbalah become available every day. However, so many things are still unknown about the history of this tradition in general. It is the path that Kabbalah took throughout many years of reformation and seeking the truth that brought it to its current state of ultimate teaching for those who cannot find answers to life's everyday questions somewhere else.

The history of this discipline and its teachings is fairly long. It predates the formation of Christianity and many other popular religions on this planet. Various Kabbalistic schools, which reflected diverse trends and doctrines studied by Kabbalah adherents during its existence, appeared every now and then in different parts of the world. However, most of these schools settled primarily around Safed (Tzfat) in Isreal - the mother city of Kabbalah and its followers.

The important thing about Kabbalah is that unlike many other religions, it is not tied to a particular region, nationality or ideology. Throughout its history, it has always been a doctrine of those who do not stop learning and discovering. None of Kabbalah's truths are cut in stone. They evolve with time and change when needed, just like the human race.

Kabbalah circle

Importance of a Kabbalistic Journey

Kabbalists of all types continue to emphasize the importance of self-evolution by means of development of one's spiritual consciousness. Many individuals stay dormant and inactive in this respect. They do not get to experience the intense vibrations of spiritual awakening, which a true Kabbalistic journey brings to those who venture to take it. Every day we face a decision to either continue our routine life or put an effort into rediscovering ourselves. Every day, one can contribute little time to opening oneself to Kabbalah and achieve great enlightenment and strength.

The concept of a spiritual Kabbalistic journey is not new and has not emerged overnight. Many of those who attempt to uncover the ultimate truths of existence embarked on such a voyage for centuries. However, starting with the previous century, more and more people have been experiencing a new type of awareness, which leads our collective conscious mind to an upper level of self-realization. Kabbalah makes a great contribution to this phenomenon and helps many people move in the right direction. A heightened understanding and perception of the world around us is the result of such soul-searching. To reveal the beauty of Kabbalah teachings, sometimes one needs to get rid of doubts and hesitations, and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Kabbalah Amulet as a Magical Means to Success

To make a journey like this easier, one may need the assistance of a special magical means, such as a Kabbalah amulet. While many individuals may already possess the required powers to explore the spiritual world (some of the symptoms are seeing vivid realistic dreams, having astral projections, being able to see aura and chakra energy), many are in need of extra help. A Kabbalah amulet is a miraculous tool, which in addition to increasing people's physical vitality also assists them in making a profound shift in their consciousness by taking their spirit to a new level of existence.

Physical Effects of a Kabbalah Amulet

It is a common practice for many Kabbalists to wear talismans and pendants. Enchanted objects such as Kabbalah amulets have been known to have great healing effect on the physical body. Known for their wondrous abilities to speed up the recovery and cell restoration processes in the body, they are often used by people suffering from serious illnesses. The balancing and harmonizing powers of Kabbalah amulets help people with such conditions as blood pressure, abnormal blood sugar levels, disorders of the nervous system, and thyroid gland. They are often purchased by healthy people as well for prevention and prolongation of their youth and health. In addition, it is advised that such amulets are given as gifts to small children to protect them from the evil eye and evil tongue of jealous people.

Spiritual Effects of a Kabbalah Amulet

The blessing of a strong Kabbalah amulet does not necessarily only spread in the physical plain. Amulets carry one of the most transforming energies that have beneficial effect on the human soul. They elevate the spiritual being by providing it with the eternal energy of God. This, in its turn, changes people's ability to listen to their sixth sense, and therefore be more intuitive, and to focus on the truly important things in life, such as spiritual development and finding one's purpose and predestination. Many people have found a new meaning in their lives after they started wearing a genuine Kabbalah amulet. One should wear it as a child or as a teen, because it is easier to develop a strong spiritual body during the early years of a person's life.

Other Uses of a Kabbalah Amulet

Few people regard amulets as mere useless trinkets used for decoration. Many individuals now understand that any Kabbalah amulet can be made for a particular purpose. The motivation behind the work of Kabbalah artists who create amulets is that they do not simply provide a piece of art but also a practical means of protection, a healing device or a lucky charm to those who use their services. They activate the powers of amulets in accordance with people's desires to increase their performance or luck in certain areas of interest. Such activation allows for the amulet to connect to their wearer and facilitate his or her success.