talisman - black magic protection Rabbi David Azulai has been practicing the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism for more than 30 years. During this time, the Rabbi was able to achieve a full recognition and sense of the upper world, which according to many Kabbalah thinkers is a unique gift that only few people possess.

Types of Talismans

Rabbi Azulai writes special talismans for different people with various aspirations and desires. The Rabbi's work includes, but is not limited to the following talismans:
  1. Protection talisman including protection from evil eye, black magic and voodoo curses
  2. Success talisman including success in your business and career and overall wellbeing
  3. Good luck talisman
  4. Love talisman
  5. Rekindle your love
  6. Winning a trial
  7. Bless your home and family
  8. Fertility
  9. Good health
  10. Seal of King Solomon
  11. Tree of Life Talisman
  12. Flower of Life Talisman
  13. Merkaba Talisman
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Examples of Real Talismans

The following samples are real talismans that Rabbi Azulai has written over the course of 30 years. It should be noted that Kabbalah is not an exact science and therefore Rabbi Azulai cannot guarantee the results of his work. Please Click Here to purchase a talisman or consult with Rabbi Azulai.

kabbalah talisman

kabbalah talismans

Rabbi Azulai's scrolls are written on a kosher parchment and include many virtues of King Solomon Keys. With his talismans, Rabbi Azulai attempts to provide people with good health, luck, prosperity, partnership, love, fertility, protection from evil eye and black magic and anything one could possibly ask for. The scrolls are natural and written in the same way a kosher Bible is written. The Rabbi's talismans are written according to your individual request, name, date of birth and mother's name.


History of Rabbi Azulai’s Talismans

Rabbi Azulai’s Talismans were fashioned more than 500 years ago by the hands of the greatest Kabbalists of the generation, Yehuda Elizur. It was constructed according to the specific conditions and instructions delineated in various holy works. The Talismans are designed to provide protection, prevent poverty, improve ones economical situation, bring luck and happiness. Beyond encouraging wealth, the talismans also attempt to improve ones self-confidence.

Rabbi Azulai writes talismans according to individuals' specific requests. Each talisman is designated to address a unique problem and therefore could not be passed to other people.


Unique Nature of Kabbalah Talismans

Kabbalah talismans have exceptionally high potency and extraordinary energy. Their healing properties and success-giving ability depend on the following three criteria: how they were created, the kinds of symbols they carry, and whether or not they accommodate the needs of the person who is wearing them. While the first two are taken care of by the Kabbalist artist who creates them, the third aspect needs special attention. The non-transferable nature of these magical aids makes them very valuable to their owners. It implies that the Kabbalah talismans made for a certain person with a specific purpose in mind cannot be given away to somebody else. After you receive your talismans, they will carry the blueprint of your personal desires, wishes and aspirations. They will be unique and specific to you. Therefore, giving away a talisman with the noblest intention of helping another person and sharing your luck with someone else will rarely have as much of positive effect on the new owner as it had on you. The best way to share the luck and success you experience is to order unique Kabbalah talismans designed to make the dreams and the needs of your friends or family members come true.

How to Order the Right Talismans?

The most impressive aspect of using talismans is that they are customized to meeting one person's needs. Even if you do not believe in Jewish mysticism or involved in Kabbalah, you may find these mysterious talismans attractive.

Talismans are a great gift that you can give yourself or to someone you care about. Their charms and powers have an ability to change lives and grant happiness. So, after reading about the various positive effects these talismans can have, how can you make sure you order the right talismans?

First of all, focus on the problem you need to solve. Find one aspect of your life that needs to be changed to make you happy. For many individuals the problems can be related to work, distress in the family or personal life, and are easy to focus on, as they always appear when you least expect them. For others, though, they are not as obvious, and it may take some time to understand what is missing in their lives. Simply think of all things that may set you back on your path to success and happy life. You can wish for more physical strength, more mental ability, more power, more love - anything that will bring peace into your world.

Secondly, describe what you want to accomplish in words that are closest to your heart and send the request to a trusted Kabbalah specialist to create a talisman, which does what you want it to do. Kabbalist's tenacious prayers and talisman symbols usually have the potency, which has been tested for many years and proven by the devotion of many satisfied followers.

And lastly, talismans work better if you believe in their positive energy. They communicate with collective human thoughts, and will grow stronger and more powerful if you contribute by trusting their powers. That is why, by trying to connect with it mentally, you can start building your relation with your future talisman even before you receive it.

Most Common Use

Even though many of us crave a variety of tangible and nontangible things in life, talismans are most commonly used not to acquire something, but for protection. Living in a hectic world, sometimes we are forced to wonder whether we are surrounded by friends or by enemies. Many magical protection means are strong guards against spells and curses. They have an ability to block the evil eye of competitors, and to channel the negative energy of black magic away from their wearers. Because protection against dark forces or unwanted people is what talismans do best, they have been most commonly used for this purpose throughout their long history. This is confirmed by many historical records of talismans being used in Egyptian tombs for protection against robbers, invaders and vandalism. For centuries they hid the inner walls of pyramids from the eyes of unwelcomed visitors, and shielded mummies from the destructive forces of time.