Kabbalah Healing Cup

Rabbi Azulai's Healing Cup

After 30 years of practicing the Kabbalah and writing numerous talismans, Rabbi Azulai was able to craft a special cup that holds all the secretes to the Kabbalah. The Cup consists of kabbalists names engraved inside it and is made of pure silver from the outside and plated gold from the inside.
Once the cup is engraved, it is then dipped in holy water to complete the purification process. The Cup is highly effective and attempts to clear away what feels like a ton of dense energy and old charge in after just one use.

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Rabbi Azulai's Healing Cup attempts to:

  • Minimize and eliminate allergy symptoms
  • Prevent and treat the common cold
  • Sustain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Minimize the risk of a heart attack
  • Maintain a stable and healthy life
The cup also attempts to help people who suffer from evil eye curses and negative energies. The Rabbi recommends drinking from the Healing Cup on a daily basis either in the morning upon rising or at night prior to going to bed.

Kabbalah Water

The fact that pure water becomes more and more expensive to produce creates a need for a special consideration of additional means of water purification. The main disadvantage of polluted water is its impact on the major organs and many important functions of the body. Water is the fuel on which our bodies run. For this reason, many individuals spend money on water filtration systems for their homes and work places. However, getting the most out of your water is not just about keeping it clean. It is also about getting rid of the esoteric pollution caused by negative energies and charging it with useful powers that can affect one's body in a positive way.

When you find yourself concerned about both the purity and the usefulness of the water you drink, consider using a healing cup for authentic Kabbalah water. A healing cup may give you all the advantages of having your water purified as well as charged with positive energies of life. The effects of such healing water on the body are due to its unique design and structure, which may allow for both physical and spiritual enhancement of the water contained in this vessel.

The healing cup does not just combine the Kabbalistic energies in an effort to heal and invigorate. It is also create with intelligent design in mind, which makes it unique among a variety of commonly used silver vessels. Using silver utensils has been known as an effective technique for purification of water for centuries. Silver is a powerful killer of bacteria. For this reason, it is often used to treat infectious diseases. One of the greatest peculiar features of silver is that while many bacteria gradually grow resistant to antibiotics and commonly used medication, they never grow resistant to silver. However, since silver may be too strong and its antibacterial properties are actually considered too powerful, a thin layer of gold inside of the healing cup may help to eliminate the toxicity, which may come from silver. This way the healing water in a silver vessel may be purified with the least possible side effects.

What are the major uses and applications of the healing cup? It is preferable that the healing cup is used only for purification of water. Other substances may react with silver and gold and may not carry the beneficial healing properties well. Drinking water in general is often recommended by doctors, as other liquids may contain too much sugar and artificial additives. Drinking Kabbalah water on a regular basis could lead to physical and spiritual health. The water controls most of the critical functions of the body. Depending on the quality of the water you drink, you may feel healthy or sick, full or drained of energy. It may even affect your mood and spirits. For this reason, most people use Kabbalah's potent symbols of the healing cup to create healing water, which was believed to keep one healthy, vigorous and long-living. Regular use of healing water may provide relief from serious stomach conditions, help treat allergies, improve physical strengths, promote good sleep and lightens the mood (scientifically this has never been proven).

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The healing water can also be used for a number of other purposes. For example, it is often used for purification of amulets and talismans. It may enhance the energy of magical charms and keep negative energy away. When used for watering plants, healing water may promote the growth and health of the plant. People interested in cosmetology often use it for mixing it with creams, facial masks, lotions and other products as the water that comes from a healing cup is believed to be rejuvenating and contain balancing properties.

Follow these guidelines when using a healing cup to make Kabbalah water:
- use fresh (not stale) water of room temperature;
- as you pour water into your cup, say a prayer or a psalm to express your desire as to which healing qualities you want the healing cup to charge your water with;
- wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before drinking the water - let the spiritual energy of Kabbalah bond with every water molecule in your cup;
- dry your healing cup thoroughly to prevent it from collecting water residue.

It is recommended that each household has at least one healing cup to accommodate their needs. However, to make full use of Kabbalah water and experience its healing power one should provide a cup per each member of their family.