1. How much does a talisman cost and will the Rabbi charge me a fee for analyzing the information I provided?

Prices vary according to the nature of the request, the type of talisman and the number of hours spent by the rabbi writing the talisman. You will not be charged a fee for the analysis. Once the Rabbi finished his analysis, he’ll know if he can assist you, and if so, what would be the fee (i.e., cost of the talisman).

2. What is the talisman made of and how do I carry it?

The talisman is made of special kosher deer parchment. Once the talisman is crafted, it is scrolled into a leather pouch in which you will be able to wear as a necklace, place in your purse/ bag, or carry in your pocket. It is small and discrete. You do not have to do anything upon receiving the talisman since the talisman has already been activated.

3. What prayers should I say once I receive the talisman?

Rabbi Azulai does not offer “one” special prayer for his talismans because the talismans are custom made (i.e., written according to the individual’s request, name and date of birth).

4. Do I need to carry the talisman with me at all times?

It is recommended that you carry/ wear the talisman with you as often as possible. Of course, there will be times in which you will not be able to wear the talisman – it is ok. For instance, you do not have to wear the talisman when you go to bed. You can simply place it next to your bed stand.

5. What are the ““not to do” in connection with the talisman?

Please do not shower with the talisman or conduct any outdoor activities which could place the talisman in jeopardy.

6. When should I expect to receive the talisman after I order it?

It usually takes the Rabbi about 2-3 days to complete the purification process and craft the talisman.  Shipping usually takes about 5-7 days.

7. Can I pay for the talisman in installments?

No – You will have to make the payment in full before the Rabbi starts the purification process.

8. When will I be able to notice the changes from the talisman?

Unlike other fields such as mathematics and medicine, Kabbalah is not an “exact” science. Accordingly, it is very hard to determine the specific date you’ll notice the changes. We have witnessed cases in which people noticed the change immediately and we have also seen cases in which people noticed the changes after couple of months. Rabbi Azulai has helped many people in the past and we are sure of his ability to help you as well. 

9. Will the Rabbi help me if I am not Jewish?

Yes- Rabbi Azulai has helped various people from different religions and backgrounds.

10. How long has Rabbi Azulai been practicing the Kabbalah?

Rabbi Azulai has been practicing the Kabala for more than 30 years. During this time, Rabbi Azulai learned about the various Mystical Teachings which deal with the ideas of creation and concepts of the Kabala. Since, Rabbi Azulai has been practicing the numerological study of the bible and sacred texts.

11. How can I purchase a talisman?

The first step in the process of acquiring the special talisman involves filling out an application. In the application, you will have to enter your personal information (i.e., name, mother name and date of birth), contact information (email address and phone number) and specific request. The Rabbi would then analyze your request based on the information you filled out. You will shortly after be provided with the Rabbi’s analysis and the costs to obtain the special talisman. ALL INFORMATION will remain confidential.

12.   What talismans does the Rabbi offer?

  1. Protection talisman including protection from evil eye, black magic and voodoo curses
  2. Success talisman including success in your business and career and overall wellbeing
  3. Good luck talisman
  4. Love talisman
  5. Rekindle your love
  6. Winning a trial
  7. Bless your home and family
  8. Fertility
  9. Good health
  10. Seal of King Solomon
  11. Tree of Life Talisman
  12. Flower of Life Talisman
  13. Merkaba Talisman

The Rabbi also accommodates special requests which include, but are not limited to, achieving spiritual growth, improving people’s self-confidence, removing negative energies and more.